A Celtic Garden

August 30, 2017


A Celtic Garden was developed by six primary schools in County Louth within their local communities. Each primary school developed a name for their Celtic themed garden and a motto for their project. A public event, was created by each school to celebrate the Celtic season of Bealtaine (connected to the summer growing season).

The children generated festivity through music, drama, dance, poetry, and colourful processions. Local residents, teachers and family members were in attendance and welcomed the addition of a new community garden. Herbal teas, foraged food and traditional Irish dishes were also prepared and the students devised art and educational activities for their guests. The environmental aspect of the project was inspired by Irish garden designer Mary Reynolds and her book The Garden Awakening: Designs to Nurture Our Land and Ourselves. 

Mary Reynolds, A Garden for Ceremony

“Create a garden that is alive with the energy and exuberance of nature…With this loving and mutually respectful relationship, you will feel forever supported, grounded and safe…My method of creating a powerfully conscious garden simply suggests using some kind of ceremony to focus your feelings and intentions into a particular form and direction. You can make up your own ritual, as long as you believe it works. Belief is the key.”


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