Eco Tribes: The Biodiversity Challenge is supported by Louth County Council, Environment Section and the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government.

The project will mark the European Year of Citizens 2013,  by promoting active citizenship and intergenerational social activism.


Collectively the Eco Tribes will enact A Bloomin Uprising in County Louth, as they transform neglected areas of land within their local communities, into habitats for bees and butterflies.

The project also involves a media and public education event, where students will encourage their communities to cultivate flowers for bees and butterflies. Each school’s Eco Tribe will develop a ‘tag’ for their group, in the form of a name and symbol representing a native Irish tree, wildflower or plant.


Besides crafting biodiversity gardens, and learning the tactics of guerrilla gardening, students will be empowered to think about strategies to implement social change at a community level. Environmental activism encourages children to evaluate their local landscape, in order to generate goals for their campaign. The Eco Tribes projects cultivates a sense of empowerment, strategic thinking, team work and creative expression. It puts children at the forefront of social change within their communities.