Natural Relations: Arts and Health

September 6, 2012

A summer long residency at Ferdia House Ardee (part of Moorehall Healthcare for older people), worked to develop an arts studio adjacent to the dining area of Moorehall Retirement Village. The project incorporated botanical drawing, fibre arts, poetry, photography, print making, crocheted shapes and sewn images. Herbal tonics were prepared and shared at the end of each session, linking the art project to herbs growing in gardens located outside of Ferdia House.

The display of artworks grew progressively throughout the sessions, and are now displayed within windows and suspended as floating botanical forms. Magnified seeds, root shapes and plant cells were the prevailing forms of artistic inquiry for the project.

Participants said they were impressed with the many ways they worked with different kinds of art materials. They particularly enjoyed using a small microscope for observing plant cells. Ferdia House Manager, Breege Conlon said “It’s art at many levels, a holistic approach where people can participate at whatever level they can. The idea of the studio is important, as people can come and go when they want to, and explore different kinds of materials and ways of looking at art.”


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